What is a powertrain warranty? How is it dissimilar from a comprehensive warranty? These are questions you may be asking yourself as you think about your car warranty. We have the answers.

A powertrain warranty, at its simplest level, is a warranty that covers your vehicle's moving parts, such as the transmission, engine, and driveshaft. This means that even if the original warranty for your car is over, that you can still get repairs for the important parts of your vehicle. Additionally, lifetime warranties are not as short as bumper to bumper warranties; manufacturers offer both limited and lifetime powertrain warranties. As their name implies, lifetime warranties often cover the vehicle for your whole ownership of the car. Limited powertrain warranties have a few exceptions, such as covering the car as long as you stay within a certain number of miles traveled.

A comprehensive warranty, though, are very different. They tend to cover much more. Items such as the air conditioning, springs, and even seat material might be covered. The comprehensive warranty, (also known as a "bumper to bumper" or b2b") has another caveat, however- it's not as long as powertrain coverage. The conditions under which you can get the 'b2b' warranty are usually 3 years or 36,000 miles. 

We hope this information allows you to understand the differences between the main kinds of warranties! Additionally, you can watch our video above to see the Sierra Motor Mall's unique and exciting lifetime "Warranty for Everyone Offer". If you still have questions, just contact us right here or call our service department at 866) 752-7465. We'd love to hear from you!