When it comes to a vehicle’s interior, the style and choice of materials determine the car’s comfort and suitability. The Chrysler Pacifica blends all in one, with additional tech plus family amenities to keep you going in Ottawa, IL. Chrysler equips Pacifica with convenient luggage amenities, friendly seating configurations, and the latest tech in the markets as a family minivan.

Seating comes distinctly with the Stow n’ Go chairs, allowing you to have your seats fold on the floor. In turn, this offers a larger space for your luggage, plus there are various in-floor compartments for your valuables. For convenience, the Chrysler Pacifica also comes with an all-new ultra-console, which carries various storage and tech amenities.

Ideally, the feature is expansive, and there is a smartphone wireless charging compartment and a USB fast charging C port. Depending on the trim model, shoppers get various interior designs, including color options and seating specs. This includes the alloy Nappa and Black Nappa seats.

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